What is Smart Electricity

Smart electricity is a data driven approach to optimize your electricity. Adopting this methodology will prevent critical risks like fires, improve uptime and lower your overall operating costs of electricity. This is fundamentally different from the traditional approach for electricity that employs basic protection and correcting faults after breakdown. 

Why adopt smart electricity 

Smart electricity is the foundation for the idea that it’s not enough to have electricity available; you have to continue to consume electricity in a manner that is safe, with high availability and economically. The lifecycle of an electricity consumer goes through the 3Ss of electricity:

  1. Start, with improving Safety – To prevent catastrophic electrical events like fires and electrocution.
  2. Then, establish Stability – To improve uptime and availability that enhances productivity.
  3. Finally, achieve Sustainability – To lower operating costs in a socially responsible manner.
Figure: Lifecycle of an electricity consumer

That’s how one optimizes electricity, to keep maintenance teams and operations teams focused on how to maximize your operational goals. So how do you achieve all this? 

The smart electricity methodology accelerates the adoption of the 3Ss — from safety, to stability, to sustainability — to help your operations grow faster, better, and leaner. Organizations that adopt smart electricity improve risk coverage 6X, lower downtime 5X and reduce operating costs of electricity by up to 25%. 

What to expect while implementing smart electricity

Improving safety

Safety is essential while using electricity but is predominantly performed manually and with century old devices. Adopting smart electricity will move you beyond the typical manual audit, as it is impossible to identify and prevent electrical accidents with these once a year checks. You must also consider installation of modern IOT based devices that can offer automation, remote monitoring and root cause analysis. These smart solutions can offer 4X improvement in coverage of safety risks. 

Enhancing stability

A stable electricity supply is necessary to protect equipment and maintain high productivity. It is not just about avoiding power outages. It is essential to improve power quality to avoid equipment and system level failures, that are expensive to resolve. Smart electricity will help to enable predictive preventive maintenance techniques that categorize and solve nascent electrical issues in order to avoid asset downtime and operational losses in the future. 

Achieving sustainability

Organizations start their sustainability journey by adopting thoughtful actions that limit wastages of electricity. Quantifying the value in these approach is a key operational challenge. A quantify the impact of these actions on the keys outputs of an organization. A more comprehensive approach towards

So, what’s the best way to implement smart electricity? 

POWEReasy enables the smart electricity methodology with a full platform of IOT based hardware devices, cloud based analytics and a team of smart electricity experts. These are powerful alone, but they’re even better when deployed together, helping your operations get the maximum benefit of adopting the smart electricity methodology. Businesses that have implemented POWEReasy typically see a return of their investment in 18 months or less. 

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