You don’t need X-ray vision to find electrical faults


Electricity is one of the essential services in every single organization. 

How long would it take for an electrician to reach your site and once there, how long would he take to get the site operational? 

The COVID crisis has made us appreciate these essential things in life. Automating essential services is the need of the day.

An unplanned shutdown due to an electrical failure, equipment damage, downtime are some of the situations one would like to avoid 

Gone are the days of electo-mechnical devices for electrical protection. 

Today’s era is of microprocessor based electronics & IOT devices, to identify an electrical fault much before it occurs!

To explain the scenario, let’s start with our case study.

A company named PNP Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai had installed POWEReasy Smart Optimizer’s at their office.

Our system was showing “High Earth Voltage Warning” on display at regular time intervals.

A few days later, POWEReasy escalated the critical earth voltage issues. But, nobody was sure of why it was happening!!

The local electrician was called upon to analyze the possible causes of high earth voltage. Since there was no visible issue with the earthing, the only possibility left to be checked was the wall concealed wiring. 

And, so with the client’s permission it was decided to break the wall and investigate the same.

Lo and behold!! The wires inside the wall were found to be damaged, and their colour changed to somewhat green indicating oxidation, a prime reason for electrical fire risk.

Afterwards, the Electrician replaced the wires.

Now, everything’s FINE!

You might be wondering, “What may be the reason for such electrical faults?”

Well, there can be many possible reasons; however, we’ve concluded the two significant cases:

  • Water flows inside the wall
  • Mouse / Rodents

What would happen if there was no POWEReasy system?

Hadn’t our system warned of the high earth voltage, there was every single possibility of Electrocution and Electrical fire risk.

So go ahead and give POWEReasy Smart Optimizer a try and see for yourself.

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