Powereasy Solves Electricity Challenges Our Modernizing World

Electricity usage is always increasing in our fast-paced culture. When you add in a push toward renewable energy, you have a serious problem on your hands for our ageing power grids. It is impossible to guarantee perfect power, and local electricians are unable to recognise significant electrical defects. Fluctuation, flickering lights, and buzzing devices are not only inconvenient, but they are also causing your electronics to break prematurely. In several situations, catastrophic destruction has occurred, resulting in fires and asset losses.

In the face of degrading grids and semi-skilled electricians, POWEReasy offers world-class power. By diagnosing all 20 electrical issues, it improves your electricity usage and assists you in achieving electrical immunity. It is the world’s only device capable of determining the source of important issues like as arcing, harmonics, earthing defects, and neutral loss.

This IoT solution is based on patent-pending power electronics and includes AI/ML intelligence. It not only pinpoints the source of electrical problems, but it also guides and reminds the electrician until the issue is resolved.

POWEReasy Benefits

Fire Prevention

Detection and correction of all 12 electrical fire risks

Power Conditioning

Improves power quality and reduces equipment breakdowns

Preventive Maintenance

Automated reports with root cause analysis

Energy Savings

Up to 25% reduction in electricity related costs

Is your standard voltage following a voltage standard?

India follows the IS12360 standard that means the single-phase supply should be 230V, with the minimum and maximum ranging from 207V to…..

Do you know why voltage harmonics is dangerous?

High-frequency noise to the voltage waveforms is called voltage harmonics. It is measured in terms of total harmonic distortion (THD), which measures…

POWEReasy can help with compliance of IS732

You may hear about the news of electrical fires in the last three months across the country, which caused many fatal consequences.

Compliance with the Latest Requirements for Electrical Fire

Have you ever faced issues in your electrical system? If yes, then it’s high time to have an electrical safety audit to identify various electrical hazards, flaws in the design system, maintenance system, etc.

You don’t need X-ray vision to find electrical faults

Electricity is one of the essential services in every single organization. How long would it take for an electrician to reach your site and once there, how long would he take to get the site operational? The COVID crisis has made us appreciate these essential things in life. Automating essential services is the need of the day.

Do you know the Compliance with the Requirements for Electrical Safety in Maharashtra?

Have you ever wondered, “Should I do a comprehensive electrical safety audit?” Well, an electrical safety audit can identify potential electrical hazards, flaws in the design system, maintenance system, and much more.


Highly recommended product as its capable of determining the source of critical issues such as arcing, earthing defects, and neutral loss.
Sagar Kulkarni
Nice energy-saving equipment, which saves money while also preventing major electrical faults!

Vijay Verma
Best IoT based Power safety & saving equipment for your home & office to safeguard from electrical fires.

Minakshi Bapat