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Use electricity with intelligence

POWEReasy Optimizers come with the same benefits of the Protection unit with the further benefit of an in-built stabilizer and energy savings.


It is an IOT enabled device that not only monitors electrical conditions but also identifies all 17 electrical faults. It gives you the ability to have realtime electrical audits that are reported to the cloud. Ensuring the highest in class electrical fire prevention. It is also configured to isolate the electrical supply for critical faults and report issues via SMS.


It comes equipped with the world’s smallest stabilizer and has in-built intelligence of an learning algorithm that automatically optimizes voltage and saves energy.


Automatic, realtime audits

POWEReasy reports all electrical conditions to a dashboard that is constantly evaluating electrical risks. Electrical audits are no longer an annual event.

Fire prevention

POWEReasy is the only device that can provide comprehensive protection and isolation in case of these 10 critical electrical events.

Protect equipments with the world's smallest stabilizer

POWEReasy Optimizers come built it with a solid state voltage regulation system. You can ensure your facility receives a regulated voltage

Automatic, realtime audits

POWEReasy monitors electrical signatures in realtime to identify 17 unique electrical problems. It also reports the root cause, enabling effective and in-time correction to complex electrical faults.

Fault diagnosis with root cause analysis

POWEReasy Optimizers employ a smart learning system to perform automatic voltage optimization. POWEReasy Optimizers provides your facility with an optimal voltage calculated based on the equipments that are operational at that given moment. It is CPRI approved for 18% energy savings for a mix of lighting and air conditioning loads.


  • System Technology

    Solid state device operated transformers with zero Current cross switching, silent and hunting free operation
  • Input voltage

    190V AC to 270V AC
  • Current Rating

    1P12SX – 3KVA – 12A
    1P20SX – 5KVA – 20A
    1P40SX – 10KVA – 40A
  • Nominal Frequency

    47-53 HZ
  • System status indicator

    Red Led-Indicates system needs attention
  • Nominal Frequency


  • Load Power Factor range

    0 to 1

  • Response Time

    Less than 1 sec

  • Operating Temperature

    0 to 55 Degrees

  • Communication


  • Operating Humidity

    95% non condensing

  • Dimensions

    1P12SX – (L)300mm x (B) 150mm X (H) 430mm
    1P20SX – (L)300mm x (B) 150mm X (H) 430mm
    1P40SX – (L)300mm x (B) 150mm X (H) 430mm

  • Weight

    1P12WEX – 15 Kg
    1P20WEX – 15 Kg
    1P40WEX – 22 Kg

  • Early Diagnosis

    Over Current
    Earth Leakage
    Over Voltage
    Under Voltage
    Earth Voltage

Loose Connection
Current Harmonics
Power Factor
Voltage Harmonics

Short term Interruptions
Voltage variation
Inrush current
Reverse current

  • Fault Isolation

    Short circuit
    Over current
    Critical Earth leakage
    Critical Over voltage

Critical Under voltage
Critical Earth voltage
Phase loss / Line loss

Phase / Line reversal
Critical Voltage harmonics