POWEReasy can help with compliance of IS732

You may hear about the news of electrical fires in the last three months across the country, which caused many fatal consequences.
The most disheartening news was the loss of 10 newborn babies due to an electric fire in a hospital in Nagpur.
The government offered compensation packages to the victims, but we all know, nothing can compensate for people’s lives.
However, they were more than just the short circuit, and all those incidents can be prevented if there was a trained auditor.
According to Jean-Mary Martels, 86% of all electrical fires were preceded by visibly identifiable electrical conditions such as light flickering/dimming, power interruptions, fuse blowing, and more.
Many times, such electrical conditions are ignored.

We at Energy Setu classified 20 electrical faults, of which 12 of them lead to electrical fires.

As IS732 standard is prescribed for electrical wiring, still it’s impossible to ensure compliance with manual verification.
You may be wondering, “How would I identify the faults without knowing electrical engineering?”
Various advanced technological devices provide early detection, monitoring, and reporting the faults.
In a nutshell, various devices are present in the marketplace to prevent electrical fire by providing real-time audits.

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