Do you know the Compliance with the Requirements for Electrical Safety in Maharashtra?


Have you ever wondered, “Should I do a comprehensive electrical safety audit?”

Well, an electrical safety audit can identify potential electrical hazards, flaws in the design system, maintenance system, and much more.

Presently, electrical safety audits are carried out according to the Central Electricity Authority 2010 Regulations for Safety and Electricity Supply. 

You will be surprised to know that compliance with the latest requirements for electrical  safety in hospitals and public places in Maharashtra across all facilities will take 20 years if it were to be performed manually. 

Fortunately, devices like Smart DBs & Smart Optimizers automate the process of electrical audit and provide real-time protection.

But the question is, “What type of electrical safety audits has the Maharashtra Govt. made compulsory?”


After the occurrence of several fire incidents across the nation, Maharashtra decided to implement its own protocol for electrical safety in GR No: 2021/114/urja5.

The latest government regulations require the need to monitor 14 electrical issues such as arcing, short circuits, over-current, earth leakage, over-voltage, under-voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, neutral loss, voltage quality, loads with low power factor, harmonics, inrush currents and unbalanced currents. 

However, the POWEReasy range of IoT devices identifies 20 electrical faults including the above mentioned.

With POWEReasy, you will get the advantage of proactive support that monitors electricity usage remotely from a command centre.

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