Enhancing stability of electrical systems with predictive maintenance

Stability in the lifecycle of an electricity consumer 

It is the second stage in the lifecycle of an electricity consumer, where they start to struggle with power quality. Financial losses from equipment breakdowns, unplanned shutdowns and overall loss of productivity are known pain points during this stage. A stable electricity supply becomes highly desirous. Most consumers start to address stability with the aim to reduce power outages. However, an intelligent consumer starts thinking beyond power backup solutions and towards predictive preventive maintenance to ensure high uptime and reduced financial losses. 

A data driven approach to enhancing stability

Power quality improvements become a key enabler to improve productivity for teams that would have otherwise spent hours correcting breakdowns. The correct application requires understanding the risks associated with power quality issues and solving them with engineering insight. In the smart electricity framework this manual effort is augmented to use devices that collect and analyze data and replace engineering insight with machine learning based predictive risk analytics. More advanced solutions even include installation of automated correction devices that frees up the core team and assets on business growth. 

Figure below shows an example of how electrical faults are correlated to the root cause. In this case an automated analysis is performed on this complex data set to identify the root cause as poor neutral wiring. Such issues are fairly common but rarely resolved as the data is difficult to measure and even more difficult to analyze by a typical maintenance technician. Automation simplifies the maintenance teams task in solving such complex issues. 

Electrical root cause analysis for preventive maintenance

Figure: Automated analytics to identify root cause of electrical earthing issue

Predictive preventive maintenance with POWEReasy

POWEReasy enables your technical team with analytics that enables correction of nascent electrical issues that would otherwise be ignored. Assisting your teams to quickly identify and solve nascent electrical issues with the intention to prevent all possible critical safety issues. Most importantly, it ensures that the team is able to quickly solve issues instead of an trial and error approach to identifying the root cause.

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